Friday, December 26, 2008

Online News Release

Press Release / News Distribution Service

If you have a product you wish to promote, the most effective way to go about it is by writing and distributing a news release. A news release has the following features:
  • It contains a brief news story that would appeal to journalists.
  • It mentions your product in relation with the story.
This means that you put yourself in the brain of a journalist, and see the world through his eyes. So, the question that you must ask yourself is:


Does he want to promote your product? No, he doesn’t. Does he want to please his readers through an appealing story? Oh, yes, definitely. So what do you do?
  • You rack your brains for all the possible issues your product could be associated with.
  • You formulate a story about an issue that is apt to fetch maximum readership.
  • You research for facts and figures. You talk to relevant people. If you own a website (even better if your product is the website), you design forums for discussions on the issue, and glean the best quotes from it.
Finally, look up how to write a PR in the proper format, and put your ideas on paper in a concise and attractive way.

Okay, so your PR is written. What next?

Distributing a PR is as, or perhaps even more, important than writing one. Earlier, people used to approach journalists on their own, asking them to use their PRs in one of their stories. Now, a much more effective and less time-consuming option is available: utilizing a news release service. These are online locations where you submit your PR for distribution. An online news release has several advantages.
  • It is easy to execute. All the optimization is done by the online news release service.
  • It is free or low cost.
  • It leads to a high degree of visibility across the Internet.
That’s all you need. In a few days’ time after submission, your product will begin featuring in search results, and you will have all the promotion you desired.